What to expect with your private label credit card program

Setting up your credit card program

Hands-on approach

The Fairstone Sales Solutions team is hands-on when it comes to helping you establish your private label credit card program. We’ll customize your program to your business needs, explain how it works and help you get started.

Here’s how to join

  1. Tell us about yourself and your business in our contact form
  2. Our team will be in touch within two business days
  3. We’ll work with you to customize your store credit card program
  4. We’ll provide the resources you need to get your program started, join now.

What is a private label credit card?

A private label credit card is a store credit card that allows customers to defer payment for a purchase made at your business. Offering your customers a store credit card can help you increase sales and differentiate yourself from the competition. And, once those customers have your card in their wallets, they’ll be more likely to return to your store, increasing repeat sales and client retention.

How it works for your customers

Supporting your customers

Our nationwide branches and bilingual offices provide multi-channel customer service to ensure your customers have a simple, streamlined credit card experience.

How it works for your customers

See in-store offer

Tell customers about your program and the benefits of applying for your store’s credit card

Application process

After completing a quick application, most customers receive their credit decision within a minute

Make the purchase

Once approved, your customers can make their purchases right away

Receive credit card

Customers receive a credit card in the mail within a few weeks, making repeat shopping easy

What customers can expect from us

When your customers are approved for a store credit card, they’ll receive:

  • A line of credit that can only be used at your store
  • A variety of credit plans geared to make purchasing easy
  • A credit card package with their card and information about its benefits
  • Regular monthly statements
  • Ongoing customer care
  • Local in-person support from our network of over 200 branches across Canada

Ongoing support for your program

Full program support

At Fairstone Sales Solutions, we’ll educate your team about our program and its benefits and provide ongoing training on how to sell financing. We also offer promotional campaigns to help you grow your business and get more customers through your door.

Helping you through each step of the process

Initial program launch

We provide assistance to make program implementation simple

Ongoing training

We provide you with training on how to use our system and how to sell financing.

Marketing strategies

We’ll work with you on how to market your program to help drive repeat business

For the customer, it is a great deal. For my team, it’s a streamlined process: sending in a credit application takes two minutes, so they love it. It’s a great tool and the folks at Fairstone Sales Solutions who run the program do an excellent job.”

Jeff Hall, Midas, Kingston, Ontario

Fairstone Sales Solutions provides us with flexible financing programs we can offer our customers from a well-known and trusted company.”

Ryan Wardell, BrandSource, Hagersville, Ontario

Industries we serve

We have partners in a wide range of industries across Canada.
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