Grow your business with a credit card partnership

A private label credit card that works for you

At Fairstone Sales Solutions, we’ll work with you to design a private label credit card program that’s right for your business. We offer a variety of financing options through store credit cards, and provide exclusive promotional offers to help boost your program and grow your business.

What is a private label credit card?

A private label credit card is a store credit card that allows customers to defer payment for a purchase made at your business. Offering your customers a store credit card can help you increase sales and differentiate yourself from the competition. And, once those customers have your card in their wallets, they’ll be more likely to return to your store, increasing repeat sales and customer retention.

A credit card partnership tailored to suit your business needs

Deferred payment plans

that suit your business model and product offering

Low program costs

that enable you to maximize profitability and growth

Custom credit cards

that help keep your customers coming back

Why partner with Fairstone

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